1. Queen. 

    (Also, I’d pay to watch her play basketball.)


  2. That slit, girrrl.

    (We’re SO close to S3 of TMP!)

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  4. Cool Shit That’s Happened in NYC So Far

    • I started a new job and it’s been great. (Did I mention I also get to go to our salon for free? Perks. #sorrynotsorry)
    • I saw Daniel Radcliffe last night. In the flesh. He popped up to introduce an early screening of his new movie, ‘What If.’
    • Speaking of celeb sightings, I also saw Judd Apatow and Bill Hader casually hanging out on Park Ave right outside my office on my way home one night.

    Not-so-cool shit? I haven’t posted to Tumblr.



  5. It’s happening.

    I’m moving to New York.



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  8. I’m into everything about this.

    Trailer for ‘This Is Where I Leave You’


  9. Um, hello, Hot British Guy Central.



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  12. whitehouse:

    The Westeros Wing.

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  14. 13. The stress of an important meeting and knowing you’ll have to be extra peppy to compensate.



  16. 'Marilyn Monroe' – Pharrell Williams


  17. Amen.


  18. Can I dedicate a #TBT to this woman and how perfect she is? 


  19. hulu:

    Once again, Mindy speaks for the masses.


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