1. Met Gala 2013: Blake Lively in Gucci Première

    My favorite.


  2. Goodbye, Gossip Girl. Goodbye, NJBC.

    I just rewatched the series finale. For all of the ridiculous, over-the-top storylines in this show, it was still my favorite and I loved every campy moment. It was the first scripted show I watched from the very beginning — the day it premiered when I was a sophomore in college. 

    I need something new to obsess over already.


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  4. So apparently congratulations are in order?

    Rumor has it Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds were married over the weekend. Beautiful couple. You already know of my love for Blake, but I’m still getting over the Ryan-ScarJo divorce.

    It might be awkward on the ‘Gossip Girl’ set since Blake’s costar is ex Penn Badgley, but I’m prettyyy sure Scarlett isn’t crying — girlfriend was in the number one movie of the year.


  5. If I were tall and blonde (and, well… white) this is who I’d try to emulate every day of my life.

    Girl is fabulous. Happy birthday, Blake!

    PS. My inner 16-year-old is dreading the day that ‘Gossip Girl’ ends in the fall. No more weekly dose of Blake or Leighton - or the spectacular assholishness of Chuck Bass.

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