1. New poster for ‘The Bling Ring’


  2. Emma Watson covers the May issue of British GQ!


  3. First trailer for ‘Bling Ring!’


  4. I went to see a screening of ‘The Perks of Being a Wallflower' the other night. It was a beautiful, beautiful movie.

    It was honest and touching, while still being genuinely funny. I’m not sure what I expected, having not read the book first (something I regret), but I left feeling moved — as if any of the characters’ stories could be mine or my friend’s stories (and honestly, there were parts that hit way too close to home). 

    I’ve read a few reviews that say it’s ‘The Breakfast Club’ of our generation, and while I think the two stand on their own, I understand where the comparisons are drawn from: both are semi-humorous but still gripping looks at the struggles of youth. 

    I think ‘Perks’ strength lies in the performances. While Emma Watson’s accent was a little off at times (don’t shoot me — I still love her and girl is GORGEOUS), Logan Lerman’s performance as Charlie was the most moving. I wish we got more insight into the darker side of his issues, as uncomfortable as they made me. Ezra Miller also did an amazing job as Patrick, serving as both the comic relief and the grounding of the film.

    Again, love it. Don’t see it just so you can fan-girl out. It’s a legitimately powerful movie that was beautifully made.


  5. This makes me feel incredibly old.